Blue Water Adventures offer a wide range of one day fishing options from Snapper, Kingfish and Marlin to Hapuka, Bluenose and Bass.

We also specialise in  multi-day trips From East Cape to the 3 Kings and beyond.

Fish the Ranfurly Banks, Great Barrier, the 3 Kings, the Middlesex bank and the west coast chasing New Zealand’s biggest Kingfish, Bass, Marlin and Tuna.

Coastal short range day trips.

These trips are designed around getting you into fish as quickly as possible and making the most of a short time frame. They are generally within 20 miles of our departure port and include fishing for Snapper, Kingfish and deep species.

Best suited for up to 12 anglers

 $2500 per day.

Coastal and medium range trips.

These adventures cover the coast as far north as Cape Reinga and as far offshore as GT Barrier Island and the Garden Patch. They cover coastal diving and fishing through to deep dropping for Hapuka and Bass and usually trolling for Marlin and Tuna in between destinations.  These are best suited to 2 – 4 days and 6 – 8 anglers.

$2800 per day.

Long range and offshore trips.

These adventures take us to destinations from Ranfurly Banks to the 3 Kings and beyond. They include big game fishing to chasing monster Kingfish and Bass in some of the most extreme fishing areas we have.

These are best suited to 5 – 7 days and up to 6 anglers 

$3500 per day.

There are so many options and at Blue Water Adventures we pride ourselves in being able to plan and deliver trips designed around your own dreams and goals. 

We love a challenge so if you have an idea, a species or something special you would like to do then let us know and we’ll put a trip  together and make it happen for you.